The story of Be You

Be You was co-founded by Boity Thulo in 2022 as a bold and creative venture into the world of wigs.

Be You is the culmination of beauty experts who share the passion of making women feel confident and beautiful. Boity is a testament to what it means to be brave, bold and confident. When teaming up with this powerhouse, she made it clear that this was a space of trust - a trust in our quality and service that would lead the members of the Be You tribe to truly believe in the brand, in her and in themselves.

In doing so, we strive to become South Africa’s most trusted wig and hair product supplier.

Here at Be You we believe that your hair is your ultimate accessory and one that allows you to choose who you want to be every single day! Embrace what it means to truly be you and allow your hair to reflect that.

We encourage you to be bossy, be brave, be you.