How to Apply Your Lace Front Wig

How to Apply Your Lace Front Wig

Your hair is your greatest accessory, so why not invest in it?

Lace front wigs are a great investment, as they allow for versatility in your hair routine, without the risk of damaging your hair through colouring or the regret of chopping it all off. You can go from beautiful long locks to a chic short bob in minutes.

Step one is obviously buying the right wig, but we can help you there!

Be You stocks stunning lace front wigs in three styles, all 100% cuticle aligned Brazilian human hair.

First up, The Queen, a 22” Brown Black Lace Front Wig, She’ll have you feeling inspired and loving yourself daily, giving you the confidence boost you need.

Image of Boity Thulo in Be You The Queen Wig

Secondly, The Show Stopper, a 20” Highlighted Lace Front Wig. This beautiful wig Show Stopper will make you feel like you own the spotlight, a guaranteed head-turner!

Image of Boity Thulo in Be You Show Stopper Wig

Last, but certainly not least, The Boss Babe, a 10” Brown Black" Lace Front Wig. She’ll make you feel polished, in charge of your destiny, and prepared for success.

Image of Boity Thulo in Be You Boss Babe Wig

Now for the application: 

Step 1 - Prepare

First we need to prepare the canvas. Flatten your hair by either braiding your hair down or securing it in a tight bun, using gel and bobby pins for extra support. The method you use to flatten your hair will depend on your own hair’s thickness, length and texture.

Remember: The flatter your hair, the better the wig will look.

Image of black woman with braids

Step 2 - Wig Cap

Next is applying the wig cap, this is a soft cap that molds to fit your head and creates a smooth surface to help the wig stay in place, as well as protects your own hair. It’s important to choose a wig cap that’s colour is as close to your skin and scalp colour as possible so that it blends in well underneath the wig. Depending on the type of wig cap, you can use glue, styling gel or hairspray to secure it in place.

Trim any excess fabric from the wig cap away from your hairline, cutting around the shape of your face. You can then take some concealer or foundation and add a bit around the edges to make it a seamless transition from your forehead to the wig cap.

Step 3 - Glue

I know you’re eager to get that wig on, but hang on!

Before you apply any glue to the wig, put the wig on and line it up with your hairline to check if it fits properly. Once placed on your head, trim the lace as close to your hairline as possible, paying close attention to the excess lace over your ears. Then you can go ahead and take the wig off and apply your glue. The glue you use should be strong enough to hold the wig in place as well as gentle enough to come into contact with your skin. To apply the glue, put a thin line evenly around your hairline and blow dry until the glue turns clear and turns tacky. You then apply a second layer of glue and repeat the process.

The more layers of glue, the more secure the wig will be!

Step 4 - Apply

Now for the fun, but crucial, part - applying the wig!

Carefully pull the wig over your head and match the hairlines. Adjust the back of the wig so that it feels and looks natural, hanging over your own hair. Once you’re happy with the placement (and make sure you are happy with it!), you can press the lace into the glue. Once again, trim the extra lace from your hairline and take some concealer or foundation and dab it around the edges of your hairline.

Step 5 - Style

We LOVE laid edges in this house!

To lay your edges, pull out some strands of hair from the wig and cut them to create ‘baby hairs’. Use a bit of hair mousse or gel to lay them in place. There are a number of styles you can choose from for your edges: swirls, waves, sleek and more. 

Curl or straighten the wig as desired, but be sure to use a heat protection spray and a lower heat setting on your tool. The product you use to style depends on the wig and the look you’re going for, for example you can use oil to keep the hair straight or mousse for curls.

Image of black woman with edges
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