Hair Trends We Expect to See in 2023

Hair Trends We Expect to See in 2023

It’s a new year, ladies. Cheers!

With every new year comes a batch of new trends we predict will be taking over our social media. If you are in that familiar place of wanting a hair change, we are here to help steer you in the right direction according to what will be trending in 2023.

And there might be some Be You products that can help you along the way…

The Bob is Back

A hairstyle that stays on-trend year after year is the bob; the short and sweet look is timelessly chic and stylish. It’s no wonder it’s back and booming for 2023!

The bob gives you instant confidence and boss energy, exactly what you need to kickstart the year. Be You’s Boss Babe is a gorgeous Brown Black 10" front lace wig, perfectly on-trend with the year to come. Shop yours today!

Image of Boity Thulo wearing the Be You Boss Babe Wig

I mean, does Boity not look fierce, confident and ready to attack any obstacle in her way?

Hair Care 

We are still embracing self care in 2023, which includes letting our natural hair flourish, by giving it the TLC it deserves, and embracing the beauty that comes with it!

Here at Be You, we are all about self confidence and being fiercely yourself - and that includes your hair. Take the time to invest in scalp and hair care by using high-quality shampoo and conditioners, as well as microfibre hair wraps to avoid breakage. Give your hair a break from the heat and embrace the afro or curls and find confidence in them.

Speaking of afros, we hear that the short afro will be all the rage this new year.  

Image of a black woman putting cream on her face

Long & Luxurious

We’ve seen a return to the sleek, long hairstyle, whether it be due to the rising popularity of hair extensions or people taking better care of their hair.  

The Show Stopper is named as such for good reason - this beautiful highlighted 20" Front Lace Wig provides you with that effortless length as well as a gorgeous summer blonde colour that's sure to turn heads! 

Image of Boity Thulo wearing the Be You Show Stopper Wig

Sleek Ponytails

The ponytails are getting higher and slicker, ladies! The sky high ponytails are expected to flourish this year, with that perfectly laid sleek look, with a high and long ponytail to match. 

Did you know you can create a ponytail with Be You’s Bundles

Shop your perfect shade today and create the perfect ponytail that could elevate an everyday casual look or be the perfect accessory for that event or photoshoot.

Return to Red

Stylists are predicting a resurgence of red hair colours, specifically the more natural, rich coppers and beautifully warm auburn shades. If you’re itching to change up your look this year, look no further than, take the plunge and go red!

Image of influencer Ronke Raji with red hair

Whichever trend you choose to hop on to this year, make sure it fits your style - wear it with confidence, be brave and be you!

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